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About us


The Person Center is a place where we offer support for personal development for individuals and also resources for practitioners.

Our activity is based on Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Approach (PCA).

We hope that this platform will help create synergy of people interested in the field, leading to new PCA exchanges, initiatives, projects and events. Person Center offers physical and mental space for this to happen.

What we offer

Counselling and psychotherapy

Trainings and groups

Rooms to rent 

PCA library 

Our aim

The aim of the Person Center is the reinforcement and promotion of the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) in the Czech Republic and surroundings using several languages. We offer activities for the development of the person and ongoing education according to Person Centered Approach. 

Our philosophy

We base our work on three basic attitudes:

The therapist is present as a real person

Unconditional positive regard 
The person is always accepted as a growing being, not judged for their behaviour

The therapist is always eager to understand the client as completely as possible and to express this understanding

About us