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Focusing Training

Person Center proposes a discovery training in Focusing according to Eugene Gendlin

The training takes place in the Person Center, Radlicka 99. It will be held by Willi Rös.
It will be in English with translation to Czech when needed.
Please consult us for the date and price of the training. 


What is Focusing?
Focusing teaches you to identify and change the way your personal problems concretely exist in your body. It consists of steps of felt change. Unlike methods that stress “getting in touch with your feelings,” there is a built-in test: each focusing step, when done correctly, is marked by a physical relief, a profound release of tension. Focusing guides you to the deepest level of awareness within your body. It is on this level, unfamiliar to most people, that unresolved problems exist and only on this level can they change.

It is possible to use Focusing as:

  • a self-therapy technique;
  • independent therapy method;
  • as a specific occasional technique within your classical therapy approach.