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Prague International Center for the Development of the Person, z.s.


Welcome to Person Center website. This is a place created around Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Approach (PCA) for all its enthusiasts, practitioners and supporters.

We hope that this platform will help create synergy of people interested in the field, leading to new PCA exchanges, initiatives, projects and events. Person Center offers physical and mental space for this to happen.

There are rooms to rent and to use because having a place to go is useful.

There is a library because theoretical background is important.

There are trainings and groups offered because experience is even more important.

And there are open minds to help those who come to find out more or who bring their own ideas because future is full of hopes for at least some changes for the better in this troubled world.



The aim of the Person Center is the reinforcement and promotion of the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) in the Czech Republic and surroundings using several languages. Here can be offered activities for the development of the person and ongoing education according to PCA.


We propose to

  • Create synergy of person-centred actors.
  • Create supporting environment for the PCA practitioners.
  • Supply information service.
  • Organize and help to organize conferences, courses and trainings.
  • Promote production of publications.
  • Offer individual and group counselling and psychotherapy.


You can visit us at Radlicka 99 (Prague), we would be very glad to see you  – you can find more detailed information on how to get to us in Contact.

Or you can always write to us: