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Here at Person Center we base our philosophy within the PCA and so our psychotherapy is also based on the Person Centered Approach. It differs from other modalities through its special setting of the therapeutic relationship and through different goals for the therapy. PCA-Psychotherapy is based on Clientcentred Psychotherapy and Counselling. This method has its origin in the work of the american psychologist Carl R. Rogers (1902-1987). The aim of the Person centred approach and of psychotherapy in general is healing, alleviation and prevention of psychic and psychosomatic illnesses. The core of the psychotherapeutic work is:

  •  Empathy and selfexploration
  •  Unconditional positive attention
  •  Congruence, genuineness and trust.

Empathy and selfexploration
The therapist tries to notice in detail the inner relationships of the clients or patients and to connect them with their emotional components and the meaning they experienced. The therapist tells the clients about his feelings regarding the situation the client is in (empathy). This enables the clients to review their selfperception and improves the capability of the clients to explore themselves and their problems (selfexploration).

Unconditional positive attention
The therapist is facing the clients with unconditional positive attention. He enters the world of the client without prejudice and judgement. This enables the clients to express their emotions more freely and with less fear.

Congruence, genuineness and trust
The therapist is honest to himself and can fully observe his own experiences and integrate these experiences into the therapeutic process, if indicated. There is no discrepancy between feelings and expression of these feelings. The congruence of the therapist is highly important for building and maintaining a trusting relationship with the client.

The philosophic-anthropologic foundation of the personcentred concept is:

  • trust in the positive self-structuring power of humans
  • life as permanent process of changing
  • selfresponsibility of humans
  • acceptance of individual life-plans
  • trust in personal experience as the source for knowledge.

The image of man in the personcentered concept is gaining importance beyond the clinical-scientific field. It is acting as a social movement in the political area.

You can find information regarding our team (who provide psychotherapy) in our home page or for further information please feel free to contact us.