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Daniela Rös

Co-Founder of Person Center

Daniela is a psychologist and therapist trained at the PCA (PCA Institute Prague). Rogers’ thoughts significantly influenced her life and approach in psychotherapy and other areas of interpersonal relationships. She actively seeks to promote the development and status of a people-centered approach.

She is the author of Rogers Psychotherapy for the 21st Century (2010) and a translation of Human Therapy (2012).

She teaches and educates at PCA. In 2015, together with her husband and PCA therapist, she founded the Person Center. Until May 2019, she was the head of the board of directors of PCE Europe, a network of European PCA associations.

She previously worked as a school psychologist. She currently works at a university counseling center at the Czech Technical University and also is involved in a private practice, where she deals with the thearpy of adults, adolescents and children.

Daniela Rös