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Willi Rös

Co-Founder of Person Center

Willi was born in Germany in 1955. In 1980 he went to France and he came to the Czech Republic in 2012.

He studied Psychology and Pedagogics.

As a psychotherapist, Willi did his basic Person-Centred training in Germany and France. He completed it by Focusing and supervision training. Since 2005, he has been working regularly as a PCA trainer, mainly in France.

The professional organisation of PCA therapists has always been important for Willi so he commited himself to national and international organisations.

He co-founded Person Center in Prague 2015.

Some of Willi’s opinions about psychotherapy:

Who is psychotherapy aimed at?
Any person who is emotionally, psychologically or mentally uncomfortable can gain benefit from psychotherapy. We all know such moments, and sometimes it can be helpful to work with a professional.

When to start psychotherapy?
The good moment to try psychotherapy can be when you feel like it, when you have the idea in your mind. Another indicator is when you suffer or see no other way how to continue alone. You can also do psychotherapy when you feel uncomfortable, or simply for prevention.

How does psychotherapy work?
In the person-centred approach, we say that psychological problems are due to a difference between who you deeply are and the life you are living or want to live. My role is to give you space in order to be more and more yourself.
You can talk about whatever you feel like; or we can search together for what you would like to say.

How often, how long?
You are free to choose your own rhythm and continue as long as you need or desire. A good start is generally a 45 minute session once, or twice a week.

How much does a psychotherapy session cost?
I want to offer psychotherapy to any person asking for it. The normal fee is 80€ or 2000 Kč, whereas people with low incomes (like many professions in the Czech Republic) can easily get lower fees, starting from 30€ or 1000 Kč for students.
There are special prices for longer (double) sessions (useful for body-work for example) and for couple therapy.

In which language?
I propose psychotherapy in English, German and French.


You can find more details about Willi on his personal website. 

Willi Ross