Participants about past training

If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed training wrote about their experience from Introductory Training and Group Experience 2015.

Weronika: “Despite having done quite some reading on PCA before the training, I was really surprised to discover the great variety of issues it covers or stimulates to surface up. Very real and very engaging experience on many levels.”

Klara: “I realized some things really deeply. It´s the feeling like you know and you can never act like before. I realized what it means to be focused on person and not on problem and this changed a lot in my thinking about psychotherapy and helping professions.”

Soňa: “Three weekends, which I enjoyed very much, I experienced the principles of PCA approach and I have changed myopinion on it, it spoke to me a lot with its simplicity and efficiency. The most important thing is to realize myself and my presence. I was interested in all the activities that we did – encounter group, laboratory, theory, game activities, demonstration of a therapeutic session, application of the basic ideas of PCA in everyday life (work, family, children). Training full of experiences, emotions, awareness of myself and others. All this thanks to the group of participants and the best therapists Willi and Daniela.”

Markéta: “I really enjoyed this training since I got the experience of the real person-centered approach. I participated in an encounter group and gained knowledge in both theory and practice, which was very well balanced. I particularly appreciated the fact that we could try everything on our own and watched a video of Carl Rogers practicing the therapy himself, which was very valuable in connection with my future career.”

Zuzka: “The training experience of PCA was very inspirational for me. It helped me to get deeper into my inner world and to understand myself better. It is easier to breathe and live in our society full of complicated relationships now. I would like to appreciate a personal approach of Daniela and Willi Roes, their wonderful energy and exemplary accompanying for the whole training period. Thank you!”